May 10th, 2019

If your mind was like the Earth,

The ground would the Base, 

The vast spacious awareness able to house all experiences,

Without preference, spanning in all directions and supported by a hard and impenetrable core. 

If your mind was like the Earth,

The flora and landscapes would be the components of your unique personality,

Rooted terrains that have established themselves and stood the test of time, 

That differ from one world to another, and help direct the way that energy flows.

If your mind was like the Earth, 

The clouds would be your pre-thoughts,

A field of potentiality storing latent energy, both to occlude the incoming sun and to bring down rain, snow, and lighting, when the conditions present themselves.

If your mind was like the Earth,

The sun would be the Truth,

The immutable field of power cradling and nourishing the growth of your inner being,

Without which the Base would be barren,

A light which is only covered superficially and temporarily by the clouds.