God’s Death Bed

Most of us will, at some point in our lives, have the experience of being at the side of our loved one when they are suffering deeply or near the end, and are relying on us to do the individual magic of generating positive vibes and a strong attention filled with love, even in the midst of what seems like difficulty. Often, the vulnerable loved one that we are caring for is unable to assist in generating this positive energy because of their internal state, and they call upon us to do the impossible, to be a radiant and indestructible source of positive loving attention. I felt this when i broke the news to my grandmother that her identical twin sister of 88 years had passed away. The only way to keep her afloat was to reach deep inside ourselves to find the strongest place with the most goodness that we can access, and remain in that place unwaiveringly.

This was a powerful moment of teaching for me, because it made me realize that every single one of us has an emergency *radiator* like a heater. that ceaselessly emits indestructible positive vibes. And that this radiator turns on naturally when the conditions are such that it’s irreplaceable.

I believe that our inner spiritual alignment comes from turning this radiator on as much as possible. It is the source of our greatest power, to love, to affect change, to keep others safe, to live sustainably, and to be here for the unfolding of our mysterious, rich, and complex lives.

The world is God’s Death Bed, we just can’t see it all the time. Every moment is so precious, unique, and mystical in its nature, that the moments significance is consistently at death bed level. It is an ongoing invitation to bring our unafraid attention to our surroundings, hold God’s hand, look into It’s eyes and turn on our internal radiator.