Using DALL-E to Generate User Interface

About a year ago I finished a prototype of a game that I’m building. In order to make the user interface (UI), which is essentially images with buttons on them, I searched for appropriate google images, usually with the keywords “fantasy art” to try to keep a steady visual theme.

Recently, after being given access to DALL-E, I decided to try to use it to generate unique images to replace the prototype ones I had been using in the game’s UI. Hopefully this would also bypass copyright issues. I’m told that DALL-E asks that you keep the multicolored squares in the bottom right corner.

Anyways, I thought I would post the results here. It was a fun and involved project, and I just think DALL-E is interesting and worth exploring. In case this helps anyone, I’ll give pretty detailed explanations of how I was thinking of everything throughout the process.

First, here are all the new generated character cards. Each one was some iteration of the following prompt:

3d papercraft style render of a black, gold and silver warrior with large sword and shield with glass fragments breaking off in front of epic dark portal fantasy digital art

Everything in the subscript is a variable that I would change depending on the image. The rest is constant and related to my game.

Papercraft is a recognized style that makes objects to look like they’re crafted out of paper, which seems to take advantage of DALL-E’s high capacity for visual detail.

Below, I have a bunch of screenshots from stages in the process of generating and iterating more UI images. I’ve written captions on each photo, trying to describe my thought process at the time.